Free Agency

Free Agency is an open listing for individuals in search of a team.

If you would like to add your name to this list, send an email with the criteria below to!


Name Age / Gender Sport / League
Sydney 28/F Volleyball

Hey everyone, my name is Sydney. I’m 28 and looking to play rec/beginner sand volleyball. I’m really hoping for Monday, Tuesday or  Wednesday nights but can be flexible. I played sports all my life until college but think I can hold my own decently. Also looking to make connections and have fun!!

Dillon 25/M  Volleyball
Hi, my names Dillon, I’ve been playing sand volleyball for a few years and am currently finishing up another league, and played indoor volleyball in college. I can play casually or competitive, Sunday probably works best for me but I can do other days. Looking forward to meeting new people and friends.


Priyang 40/M Volleyball


My name is Priyang, 40M, looking to join a volleyball league. Just ended the first season at Mulberry and want to see what Whiskey Island is all about. Love to meet new people.

Edward 40/M  Volleyball
 I’m interested in playing volleyball Sunday mornings. I can either C or B. Looking for a new experience. Cell phone is 216 407 8930. I look forward to hearing from you.
Faye 33/F Volleyball
Hi, my name is Faye. I’m looking to join a volleyball team (C or B) or play as a free agent! Excited to meet new people. My phone number is 216-392-1219. I’m available to play on Wednesday or Thursday nights.
Killian 24/M  Volleyball
Hello my name is Killian age 24. I’m looking to join a beach volleyball intermediate or recreational team. I stay active and have been on a recreational team at Mulberry’s. I’m trying to meet new people and get challenged at volleyball.
Harry Procter 63/M Volleyball

Harry Proctor (male)

Age 63 (in good shape)

Any night other than Thursday

Co-Ed (recreational) Volleyball @ Whiskey Island

Phone 513-835-2858

Ava 21/F  Volleyball
 Hi my name is Ava, I’ve played sand volleyball at whisky island the last few years just casually. I’m looking for a team to join, since I don’t know anyone currently playing in this league. I enjoy working out and being outdoors. I’d say I’m at beginner/intermediate level. Looking for games that play Monday evenings! Excited to meet new people.


Michael 23/M Any
Hi my name is Michael and I am looking to join a team in any sport. I’m originally from Cleveland but went to college at Ohio State and just recently moved back to Cleveland after college. I played baseball for 9 years and also ran track and cross country. I’m looking for a way to stay active and meet new people.


Eric Hellinger 34/M  Volleyball
Hi, I’m interested in joining a league this summer to have some fun and meet some new people. I’m very athletic and can hold my own in volleyball. Phone number is 440-396-7524



Jazmin 29/ F Kickball/Volleyball
Hello! I’d love to join a league this summer to meet people and make some new friends! I played briefly in a kickball league in Texas before I moved back to Ohio, and it was such a fun time. I am definitely less experienced in volleyball but I’m up for the challenge and ready to get a little sandy! Reach out if I can join your team!


Brittany 35/F  Kickball

Hi my name is Brittany age 35 I recently moved here from Florida.   I have been playing kickball for the last 9 years for tampa bay club sports  and would love to continue playing here in Cleveland…my phone is 216-246-4744

Dustin 35/ M Kickball
Hi my name is Dustin. I looking to join a team or just play as a free agent. My main reason for doing this is a way to get out and get active. I’m trying to be super competitive or anything like that.
Luke 26/ M  Kickball

Hi my name is Luke,

I’m 26 years old and just moved back to Cleveland! I really want to throw myself back into social things in town. I played kickball a lot growing up and would be super down to play!

My phone number is +14404773142

Brian 31/ M Kickball
Hi I’m Brian, my kickball team sort of fell apart but I would love to play still! Reasonably athletic, played soccer and kickball for years and can play all over the field, hit me up!
Curtis 35/ M Sand Volleyball, Kickball
‘My name is Curtis and I’m a 35m living on the eastside looking to fill in and/or join a team for kickball and/or sand volleyball. I’m available most evenings during the workweek and have open availability on weekends. If you have any questions or think I’d be a good fit please email me at or text 3305736316. ‘
Lauren 21/ F Volleyball
My name is Lauren, I am in Cleveland for the summer and am looking to meet new people and play a sport I love. I play intramural volleyball in college and played competitively previously, so I can play in a rec or more competitive league.

Ben 36/ M Kickball
Hey!  My name is Ben and I would love to join any kickball team.  I grew up playing soccer / baseball and lacrosse throughout youth and high school / college.  Open to both a more social or competitive team, just really hope there is a spot out there for me somewhere!  Phone – (216)415-4773

Email –

Alec 24 / M Any
My name is Alec, I’m a 24-year-old male and I’d love to join any league. I grew up running, took up yoga consistently this year, and truly love to play any and all ball sports.

I just moved home after living in France for the past eight months. I’d love to find a team soon so let me know if anything opens up!

I’’l put my number below to make communication easier. Have a nice night.

(216) 630-9487

Trevor 29 / M Kickball, Sand Volleyball
My name is Trevor, and I’d like to join either a kickball or sand volleyball team. I am competitive, but also interested in meeting other participants and folks in the community! I lift and do yoga regularly, and I love biking and hiking. I can be reached at, or (330)907-3540.
MaryBeth ‘MB’ 31 / F Any
I played sports growing and I’m looking to reignite the camaraderie of team sports. I’m eager to join a co-ed league to add some fun to my fitness routine alongside my strength training regimen.

Chris 42 / M Kickball
Open to all other teams as well. Looking to get out and be active while meeting new folks.
Sara 25 / F Kickball, Sand Volleyball
Hi! I’m Sara and I’m interested in being on a team for either kickball or sand volleyball! I’m very much a beginner but I enjoy sports.


Liv 23 / F Kickball
Hi I’m Liv! I am looking to play kickball this summer. I’ve played lacrosse for most of my life and have thrown many other sports in along the way. I love to be active and hope to join a more fun way of doing so, I miss organized sports very much. Available Sunday-Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Thank you!!

Susannah 24 / F Kickball
Very excited to have such a fun activity so close to home. I have played quite a few sports the most recent being college rugby. I’d say I’m the perfect balance of social and competitive. While I love to win I mostly love playing the game and getting to meet new people.


Feel free to text or call: 614-314-0912

Tony C. 25 / M Kickball
I would love to join a team and meet some new people. I am fairly athletic, I have participated in a wide range of sports growing up and currently enjoy running and lifting. This is the perfect opportunity to get out of the apartment and have some fun.

Phone: 440.868.8620

Quin 29 / M Kickball
Hello! If you need someone to join your team, just let me know! I’ve always been athletic and have enjoyed playing sports growing up. I’ve participated in various co-ed recreational leagues before, and I’m very active. I’m usually free on weekdays.

Heather 32 / F Sand Volleyball (E. 9th Street Pier)
Megan 29 / F Soccer
Hi! I’d love to join the as a free agent for the Co-ed soccer league! Washed up D3 soccer player. Love the game and would love to join to meet new people in the area! Moved here a few months ago from Ft Lauderdale with my fiancé.

Mark 41 / M Kickball
My name is Mark I’m 41 and looking for a kickball team. I’m doing this for the first time to be more social and make new friends. You can contact me at or 216 287 8153
Amanda 27 / F Sand Volleyball
I’m Amanda 27/female. I’ve played indoor volleyball throughout high school on a club team. I also play sand every summer and I recently moved back to CLE so I’m looking for a team to join. I’m into working out, running, and I also play in a softball league. I’m super competitive and would love to find a team to join soon!


Meg + Anna 33/F + 30/F Kickball
Hi I’m Meg ! I’m looking to join a kickball team, I used to play soccer as a kid, ran track in junior high. I currently spend my time doing traditional strength training, but am looking to add something a bit more fun 🙂

Hi I’m Anna! I am looking to join a team, I’m free evenings and most weekends. I’ve played many different sports growing up, and am looking to get back into team sports and meeting new people.

Phone number : 513.907.8007

Zoe 41 / F Sand Volleyball
I’m looking for a team- preferably an intermediate team but will also do Rec. I’ve played on several sand volleyball bar leagues and am looking to join here now that I live in Lakewood. Love to have fun, love volleyball, and love to win— but also have fun! Not sure if this is a dating app or a free agent listing— but I’m open to both!

Ellen, Kaitlyn, Emily 27/F, 27/F, 26/F Kickball
Hello! We are fun, social trio looking to join a kickball team for the summer. Between us, we are avid cyclers, runners, tennis players and (novice) soccer players. We may just be the next Caitlin Clark, Paige Bueckers and Angel Reese of your kickball team.

(Ellen’s info)

Text: 440-787-4828


Hailey 28 / F Sand Volleyball
Hello, my name is Hailey! I recently moved back to CLE & looking to join a sand vball league. I haven’t played volleyball since high school, but down for the challenge. I’m available on Sun-Tue to play. I would say I am at the beginner/intermediate level. Thank you!

(440) 596-9281

Daniel 28 / M Soccer
Hi all! I’m Daniel and I am looking to join a soccer team and meet new people. I haven’t played recently (I really miss it) but I have being part of multiple teams in the past. I will be able to join any team around Downtown Cleveland.

Contact: / 4057629880

Jacob 26 / M Sand Volleyball
Hello! My name is Jacob. I would love to join any co-ed team for some Sand volleyball. Hoping to make some new friends, i’m into working out, dancing, and exploring Cleveland!


Elvis 34 / M Sand Volleyball
Hello Everyone! My Name is Elvis. This is my third or fourth year playing volleyball here at Whiskey Island. My team split out because of different people’s schedules. I also played at Mulberry and Nuevo Court. I have some experience playing, but finding a team to play with is tough because I don’t have social media! Yes, you have read right! I play all sports and I do CrossFit as my day to day habit


Angie A. 25 / F Volleyball
Hi guys! My name is Angie and I’m looking to be put on a co-ed volleyball team for the lakefront sand volleyball league near Nuevo! I’ve been playing indoor and outdoor volleyball semi consistently for the past year in multiple leagues, and I think I’m at the B level. I will be playing at another league on Fridays, but would like to join a league preferably on Tuesdays!


Heather + Natalie 22 / F + 19 / F Kickball
Hi everyone I’m Heather! my sister and I are looking to join a kickball team if there’s any openings. I played soccer and ran cross country all through middle/high school, and played a lot of sports for fun in college. Looking to meet new people, have fun, and am usually happy to go out after games!!

Hi I’m Natalie! I am hoping to join a kickball team, I’m free most week nights or weekend days and any location is fine. I ran cross country and track all of high school and am very active. I would love to meet more people in the area and have fun!

Cell: 4406225740

Sydney + Nyiela F Volleyball
Hey everyone! I’m Sydney. I haven’t played volleyball consistently since junior high but played softball, year round, through high school. I’ve played sand volleyball here and there for fun and loved it and was decent! I’m looking for hopefully a co-ed team at north coast harbor or Whiskey Island. I’m competitive but also want to have fun and meet people!

Phone: 937-312-7337

Hello My name is Nyiela and I’m looking to join a team. I played volleyball in High school sophomore through senior year! I also just finished my second season through a league at St. Ignatius church and I’m looking to further my skills but also learn to play more competitive and learn from others while doing so!

Phone :440-650-7049
Email :

Maks C. 35 / M Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer, Softball
I grew up playing sports and am pretty athletic and have played on other co-Ed rec leagues in past. Let me know if you need a member of a team to fill in.


Dan T. 30 / M Football, Volleyball
I’m looking to meet new people and stay active. I’m interested in playing Saturday football. I’m also interested to play volleyball on  Sundays regularly. I can act as a sub for any of the other sports from Tuesday-Thursday nights. Please let me know what is available.

440-506-5844 Cell

Jaye W. 33 / F Any
I played basketball, ran track and also did cross country track in the off season. I’m very athletic and I’m looking forward to being apart of a team atmosphere. I’m fairly new to Cleveland so this opportunity will allow me to meet new people, enjoy the weather and compete :).

678-837-8391 is my cell is my email info

Annika D. 26 / F Sand Volleyball
I played volleyball for 5 years from middle to high school and played competitively in clubs leagues for 4 of these years. I played on a rec league while in college. Looking to have fun this summer while staying active and healthy!

Both Wednesday and Thursday evenings work for me but my first preference is Thursday.

614.603.7920 –

Morgan L. 22 / F Sand Volleyball
I am new to the Cleveland area and looking to join a co-ed volleyball team during Season 2. I grew up swimming and played water polo through college, and I played IM sand volleyball as well. Looking to have fun and meet new people!

Dan 35 / M Kickball, Volleyball
I’m Dan, I’m 35 M and fairly athletic but I’m looking to join a recreational coed kickball and/or volleyball team to meet people, make new friends, and have some good times.

Phone: 330-774-3250, email:

Chris E. 37 / M Volleyball, Kickball
I played volleyball last year and kickball in Akron (both co-ed leagues, so looking for the same here).

Locke H. 33 / M Volleyball, Kickball
I grew up playing sports in high school and played intramural sports in college. I would love to join a coed volleyball team to have some fun and win some games and matches. I am available to play on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I look forward to joining your team to have some fun. – 770.845.9210

Jarrett B. 23 / M Volleyball
I’ve been playing primarily indoor volleyball for about 3 years now. I’m open to joining an intermediate or recreational level at the Whiskey Island or North Coast Harbor leagues. All days other than Sundays I can make work, and I’m fairly willing to go out after games!

Kevin 26 / M Football
26 years old, decent athlete. I played football in High School. Hoping to meet new people and stay active with some friendly competition, moved to Cleveland last year. Last year I played in a couple leagues in New Hampshire. I’d like to join a team for this upcoming season.

HMU if looking for a reliable, team player.

Email –; text 440.417.2031

Diego C. + Kristine C. 34 / M + 32 / F Kickball
Located in Battery Park.

6’0″ 197lbs – Here for the vibes and to connect with Clevelanders after living in Chicago for the past 15 years. In Free Agency with my fiancée Kristine Ciruelas so packaged deal. Former soccer player and runner and great team player/clubhouse guy.

Free agent able to play any position on the field as it doesn’t matter to us – just want to meet people and have fun!

Looking to join a co-ed league and meet some new people! In free agency with my fiancée Diego C. and prefer Monday / Tuesday!

Macy M. 25 / F Sand Volleyball
Looking to join a sand volleyball team at North Coast Harbor or Whiskey Island. I’d prefer Wednesday’s but could make Tuesdays or Thursdays work. I played Volleyball growing up and would love to get back into it.

Jake B. 26 / M Football, Softball, Kickball
Jake B – 26 y/o male located in Ohio City.

6’3″ 240lbs – Fairly athletic.  Former Football player, Swimmer, and Rower looking to stay active after playing HS Sports and Rec College Sports

Free agent able to play wherever and whenever – just want to meet people and have fun! Easy going and like to be competitive.
Primarily interested in a football team for the first season.
(513) 504-2579

Rich M. 40 / M Softball, Football, Soccer, Kickball, Cornhole, Volleyball
Rich M. 40 year old athletic male located in Westlake, Ohio.

Open to playing most sports on weeknights or anytime on weekends anywhere on the website.

Softball, football, soccer, kickball, cornhole, volleyball. or Text – 440-465-1129

Claire M. 28 / F Sand Volleyball
Hi hi, hoping to join a 4s or 6s team at Whiskey Island. Happy to be a sub if there isn’t a full spot. Comfortable in the B or C league, though preferred B. Days available: Tuesday and Thursday. 708-743-0369
Laura 34 / F Sand Volleyball
Looking to join a team, preferably Coed 6×6 recreational, but open for other. The days I can be available are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Phone number 216-269-1270. I’ve been playing at Whiskey and Mulberry’s for years, but looking to join a team at Whiskey.

Mara Z. + Rowland M. 25 / F + 28 / M Sand Volleyball
My name is Mara and my boyfriend and I would like to join a recreational sand volleyball team. Preferably on Sundays! I have listed our information below. Please reach out if there is any availability for two on a team!

Meghan W. F Anything
I’d like to free agent for whatever is available; I’m on the west side that is ideal for me. I think I’d be fine with any sporting event just trying to stay active/meet people who also like to be competitive. Used to play basketball, I have played cornhole, volleyball, softball, euchre, poker (if card games count) recreationally. As long as I’m not slammed at work, I keep up on emails-
Amihr B. 29 / M Football
I am interested in becoming a free agent for the Saturday football League. I’m a former D-1 college running back who’s looking to have some fun on Saturdays again. I play kickball in this league also.

Blake 24 / M Football
I am looking to join a football team for the first season (April-June). I like to stay active and socialize with new people so I wanted to get involved in local sports.


John M. 29 / M Kickball
I would love to join a kickball league. Have experience playing soccer and softball. I am easy going and like being outdoors.

Summer C. 33 / F Football
I am interested in becoming a free agent for the Saturday football League.


Patrick 37 / M Football, Kickball
I would love to join a recreational/semi-competitive football or kickball team. I’ve played many different sports recreationally my entire life (soccer, softball, kickball, football, basketball, etc.)

Rob 44 / M Volleyball, Football, Softball
Will be available after March any weekday except Wednesday. Open to intermediate level volleyball (wife also plays). Would like to play rec level football as well. 44/M very active would like to join a group. Would potentially be open to a softball league too. Needs to be westside because I am far west side.
Michael 24 / M Any
(650) 224-0141

Looking to join a team! Very comfortable playing any sport at a competitive level.

Mike V. M Various
I’m looking to join a few leagues in various sports. Played soccer my entire life and in college and played in Whiskey Island and Mulberry volleyball leagues. Team player, reliable and competitive. Also open to subbing if anyone needs one. Feel free to call/text 440-897-4938
Jeff 48 / M Football
Jeff 48 m football

Mike M Volleyball
Seeking a team! Hopefully for the weekend games – contact information:
Jack D 27 / M Volleyball
I’d love to meet some new people and I’m confident I can hold my own and contribute to a team. I’ve played sports all my life – mostly baseball and golf, and three years of volleyball.


Shamia H. 31 / F Football, Kickball, Volleyball – 330.717.7297
Bryan D. 41 / M Softball, Football
I’ve played softball for the last 8 years in Beachwood but am looking to join a league on the west side (I live in Lakewood). Better than average hitter, stronger in the field – typically infield but can play wherever and throw pretty hard.

I played football in high school, but not much since. Would love to get back onto the field.

First Name # / M-F Desired Sport or League
Leave a message and email/phone to contact.