Free Agency

Free Agency is an open listing for individuals in search of a team.

If you would like to add your name to this list, send an email with the criteria below to!


Name Age / Gender Sport / League
Patrick 37 / M Football, Kickball
I would love to join a recreational/semi-competitive football or kickball team. I’ve played many different sports recreationally my entire life (soccer, softball, kickball, football, basketball, etc.)

Rob 44 / M Volleyball, Football, Softball
Will be available after March any weekday except Wednesday. Open to intermediate level volleyball (wife also plays). Would like to play rec level football as well. 44/M very active would like to join a group. Would potentially be open to a softball league too. Needs to be westside because I am far west side.
Michael 24 / M Any
(650) 224-0141

Looking to join a team! Very comfortable playing any sport at a competitive level.

Mike V. M Various
I’m looking to join a few leagues in various sports. Played soccer my entire life and in college and played in Whiskey Island and Mulberry volleyball leagues. Team player, reliable and competitive. Also open to subbing if anyone needs one. Feel free to call/text 440-897-4938
Jeff 48 / M Football
Jeff 48 m football

Mike M Volleyball
Seeking a team! Hopefully for the weekend games – contact information:
Jack D 27 / M Volleyball
I’d love to meet some new people and I’m confident I can hold my own and contribute to a team. I’ve played sports all my life – mostly baseball and golf, and three years of volleyball.


Shamia H. 31 / F Football, Kickball, Volleyball – 330.717.7297
Bryan D. 41 / M Softball, Football
I’ve played softball for the last 8 years in Beachwood but am looking to join a league on the west side (I live in Lakewood). Better than average hitter, stronger in the field – typically infield but can play wherever and throw pretty hard.

I played football in high school, but not much since. Would love to get back onto the field.

First Name # / M-F Desired Sport or League
Leave a message and email/phone to contact.