Free Agency

Free Agency is an open listing for individuals in search of a team.

If you would like to add your name to this list, send an email with the criteria below to!


Name Age / Gender Sport / League
Briege O. 23 / F Kickball, Football, Softball, Volleyball
Hi everyone! My name is Briege and I’m looking to join any league as a free agent/potential sun should the team need it! I played a variety of sports in high school and going into college, and have recreationally played volleyball and kickball in the last few years! I’d love to get to meet more people and help our team kick butt! You can text me at (574) 520-7911 or email me at!
Deante M. 27 / M Football
United States Army veteran, I just moved back to Cleveland currently in police academy .I’ve played 2 years of pro football in the LFA (Mexico).looking forward to playing thank you for ready my email

I can be reached at 330-294-1400 or by

Brendan D. 23 / M Football, Soccer
My name is Brendan Dewing. I’m a 6′ 3″ 23 year old male. I’ve been playing sports my whole life and would love to join your team. I’m looking to play backyard football with my friend Josh Clayman (23M).  I’m also interested in playing soccer. My contact info is 513-310-6604.
Josh C. 23 / M Football
I am josh Clayman, 23 male, and interested in the afternoon flag football. Have played sports my whole life and always enjoyed chucking a football around and catching/guarding receivers. 7th grade flag football champion. Would like to be with my friend Brendan Dewing.
Justin F. 22 / M Softball, Soccer, Sand Volleyball
I am a recent graduate from Ohio University and played intramural volleyball, basketball, flag football, tennis, pickleball, and golf in my spare time during the course of my four years there. Since I do not bring much height at 5 ft 9, I try to use speed to my advantage. I ran a 4:54 PR in the mile during track in high school and 2:05 800m so I would bring speed to any lineup. I would love to play, contribute, and even build friendship with each and everyone of you fellow Clevelanders. My number is 440-623-8311 to call or text, or even email me at Let’s get winning!
Sandro S. 52/ M Volleyball
I used to be on a volleyball league but haven’t played in years.  Looking to join a team more for fun than for trophies, but I promise to hustle on the court!
Shamia H. 31/ F Football, Softball, Kickball, Volleyball
Hey yal, my name is Shamia Harrison, 31 year old female and I love playing sports. I’ve been playing sports my whole life and would love to continue to do so as I get older. My availability is currently anytime Friday’s and Saturday’s. Feel free to text or call me at (330) 717-7297 or email me at!

Jane G. 31/ F Sand Volleyball

Hey all! I’m Jane and have played sports for fun since I could walk. I would love to be apart of a team or just sub. I can play any night except Tuesdays/Fridays at this time till indoor soccer starts for the fall.   419-302-3165

Tim B. 32/ M Volleyball
ready to set to have a ball

reach out to me at 440-823-2703 or email me at

Kelsey W. 23/ F Sand Volleyball
Hello! My name is Kelsey and I love nothing more than to play indoor and sand volleyball. I usually have a team for the spring session, but the rest of the year I am open to anything! I will happily join a team or be a sub for those of you who need it. I play at the intermediate level and have played in high school, some college, and sand volleyball. My number is 440-477-6334!


Mariel B. 29/ F Volleyball
My name is Mariel, and I am hoping to join a rec volleyball league as a free agent. I play vball in another league, and I would say I am on the beginner/intermediate level. Really hoping there is an opening so I can meet more people and join the Hermes’ community! My phone number is 440-346-4940 and my email is
Justin F. 21/ M Softball, Football, Whiskey Island Sand Volleyball, Soccer
I grew up fascinated by sports at an early age after finding out my dad was both the ball boy and bat boy for the Cleveland Indians when he was in high school. I just graduated from Ohio University and played intramural volleyball, basketball, flag football, tennis, pickleball, and golf in my spare time during the course of my 4 years there. I ran a 4:54 personal record in the mile during track in high school and 2:05 800m so I would bring speed to any lineup. My number is 440-623-8311 to call or text, or even email me at
Chris E. 36/ M Football and Kickball
Hi I’m Chris, I work downtown and am looking for a kickball/football team to join. Please message me at if you have any openings. Thanks!
Locke H. 32/ M Kickball
I grew up playing sports and wrestled and played baseball in high school. I played intramurals in college and post-college I played 3 years of kickball in a league while I lived in Georgia. I would love to be a part of your team!!! I look forward to hearing back from you.  You can reach out to me at 770-845-9210 or email me at
Austin B 27/ M Football, Kickball, Softball
Hi everyone! My name is Austin and I am a recent transplant to Cleveland, looking to meet new people, get active, and unleash my competitive spirit. I am mostly interested in football, kickball, or softball but am open to any opportunity. If you have an open spot on your team I’d love to join! I can be contacted at 317-503-6330.
Alexa B. 24 / F Football, Kickball, Volleyball, Softball
My name is Alexa, 24 F, looking to play volleyball, kickball, softball, football

Just moved to Cleveland and am looking to join a team! I played college tennis and just about every other intramural sport post grad. Played QB in a travel co-ed flag football team out of Charlotte NC. Mostly looking to meet new people! My number is 920-392-9818.

Jack C. 21/ M Sand Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer, Softball
I’ll be living in Cleveland all summer and I’m looking to join either volleyball, kickball, soccer, or softball, but ideally volleyball. I’ve been playing sports all my life, and through intramurals in college I’ve really come to love volleyball, and I’d just be happy to come out and get the chance to play! 724-759-8117
Iam 58/ M  Kickball
My name is Iam and would love to play kickball!  I’m 58 and totally interested in meeting cool folks who like to have a great time.  Contact me at
Elizabeth S. 26/ F Sand Volleyball
Hi everyone! My sand volleyball team from last year got disbanded because our captain moved away. Looking to join another team this summer! Feel free to text me at 419-921-9616
Michael L. 35 / M Football, Kickball, Soccer
My name is Michael! I am looking to participate in a fun recreational environment and meet new people through sports. Former D-1 Baseball player at BGSU. Most of my friends are married with kids and no longer active in rec leagues so I am hoping someone will help a guy out and let me tag along. 😊

cell 440-343-7112 ( feel free to text)

Zach M. 25/ M Sand Volleyball, Football
Hey everyone! I’m looking to make some new friends through some light-hearted competitive sports. Willing to join any volleyball or football league. I’m 5’11”, lift weights, and do cardio regularly if that matters. Feel free to contact me at my email or text/ call at (859) 948-5486
Olivia G. 26/ F Kickball, Volleyball
Looking for a “just for fun” league to join! Newer to the Cleveland area and would love to make some friends.
George P. 32 / M Sand Volleyball
32 year old reasonably athletic 6’ male interested in getting more into sand volleyball. Lacking a bit in formal vball experience but very competitive in lower level leagues. Would love to join a team of active volleyball enthusiasts that want to have fun and let me join in on their team chemistry. Send me a note to if you think you have a spot that fits!
Angie A. 24 / F Sand Volleyball, Football, Kickball, Soccer
Hey guys!! I’m Angie and relatively new to the area, looking to meet new people through sports since I’m semi-decent! Former D1 soccer player from YSU, so interested in kickball and soccer! I like watching football, so I might be good at that as well. I played volleyball in highschool, so I’m semi-decent!! Feel free to text me at 5613120694 🙂
Hannah H. 22 / F Sand Volleyball (Whiskey Island or Paninis)
Hi everyone, my name is Hannah! I am new to the area looking to have some competitive fun and make new friends. I played volleyball all throughout high school and a little recreational in college. I was mainly a setter in highschool, but I am 5’11 so I can hit decently. Feel free to call or text me at (724) 651-7003 or email me at
Marian Z. 30 / F Sand Volleyball
Hi all, my name is Marian, I’m 30 y/o and looking to play sand volleyball for the summer. I’ve played in previous years, usually on a recreational 6s team, but I’m open to intermediate- might be slightly rusty to start. Pretty free most nights. My cell is 216-402-2613.
Jason N. 38 / M Football
I’ve played a lot of backyard football and ultimate(frisbee) over the years. Haven’t been too active last 3-5 years (had kids) but looking to get active again and have some competitive fun.
John M. 28 / M Kickball, Softball, Sand Volleyball
Hi! I’m 28 and new to Cleveland and am interested in the kickball, softball and sand volleyball leagues. Please feel free to call/text 412-901-4319 or email
Tony R. 32 / M Whiskey Island SVB, Kickball, Soccer
Hi I’m new again to the Cleveland area after years outside the U.S. and want to have some fun while meeting new people. I’m very active and love a competition but also perfectly happy to just get outside for some simple fun! Send a text or call at 216-318-5701 or my email at
Matt G. 27 / M Volleyball
Hi, my name is Matt. My wife and I recently moved to the area and I am looking to make some new friends and play volleyball on Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday nights. I am a former D3 benchwarmer and am correspondingly athletic… I’m always willing to dive for the ball and play hard but won’t be salty if we lose. Call or text at (540)581-5593 or email at
Kristina 31 / F Sand Volleyball
I live in the Cleveland area and would love to join a team ! My phone number is +14402255843 and email is Thanks!
Chelsea S. 27 / F Volleyball, Kickball
I am new to the area and came across this website for connections with possible teams! I am interested in both volleyball and kickball! I played volleyball in school, but it has been a little bit since I have been able to play! I also have another person interested in both sports! We would love to be a part of a great team! My contact information is 814-573-5062.
Sam R. 24 / M Sand Volleyball
I’ve played a lot of pick up and intramural volleyball at school. Looking to join a team. Text 440-654-8849 or email
Patrick W. 36 / M Kickball, Soccer
I have experience playing both kickball and soccer and would really like to join a team for some (competitive) fun! Text 937-510-4836 or email
Alicia R. 26 / F Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer, Softball
New to Cleveland and looking to join a team, originally a soccer player, but have enjoyed all sports listed in my previous city. Looking specifically for sand volleyball league this summer!
Brittany B. 35 / F Sand Volleyball
I live in the edgewater neighborhood and have a really flexible schedule. Athletic, good hand eye coordination, team player. Looking forward to joining a team!
Nick L. 30 / M Football and Kickball
Chris 27 / M Softball and Volleyball
Chris but call me Cali. I’m down to play looking for a team. Email me
Matt S. 30 / M Volleyball and Softball
I am looking to join a rec volleyball and/or softball team to play with during the week. I currently play both with different leagues but am looking to play more often! I’m happy to start out as a sub as needed. Please call/text 440-829-3557 or email
Michael B. 23 / M Any and All
Relatively new to the Cleveland area, looking to meet new people and play any sport! 6’6 with a long history of athletics. Text or email me (650) 224-0141
Andre S. 35 / M Edgewater Backyard Football
I’m looking to play backyard football this year. I’d like to get back to being ng active again and I’m looking for a team to join.
Adrian R. 34 / M Football
A.Rod, 34 would like to stay active during the summer and spring. Fall and winter I play in other leagues. Willing to help with cost. (440) 289-5018 or Facebook messenger
Dakota M. 23 / M Edgewater Backyard Football
I am here to enjoy the sport that i grew up on . I will be active and will try my hardest to help my team win . Please consider adding me to the list for i am in search of joining a team.
Sam 26 / M Any and All Sports
I have played many sports in my days but have always been unremarkably average. What I lack in athletic ability I make up for in pep/trash talk. Don’t miss your chance at my one-of-a-kind skillset: Posted 3/15/2023.
Brian C. 35 / M Edgewater Backyard Football + Whiskey Island SVB (Recreational) + Lakefront SVB
I am 6’5″, athletic, and played in rec leagues for both sports previously. Email / phone 203.501.7088.
Mike 51 / M Whiskey Island SVB (Sunday’s)
Hi, thank you for considering me. I have tried for several years to get on a team or be an alternate – i am athletic, do not have a network here in Cleveland having lived out of state for several years. I enjoy team sports and would like to have an opportunity to play with y’all. Please call 216-704-0124 – or email Happy to contribute to the cost. Only available for Sunday games!
Gabriel Z. 25 / M Sand Volleyball
I’m looking to join any B/BB Volleyball teams. My schedule is pretty flexible.
Rachell D. 24 / F Sand Volleyball
I recently moved to Cleveland, I played volleyball throughout school. I am mainly a ‘defensive specialist’ I was a libero in school. I’m short and have NO hops. Contact info: 740. 260. 4950
Ryan D. 38 / M Sand Volleyball, Softball
I’m a very athletic 38 year old 6 ft tall and I would be interested in SVB and softball, but mainly SVB! I have been playing recreational volleyball for years. Please call or text at 440-662-3490 email
Rachel R. 27 / F Sand Volleyball
★ Hi I’m Rachel, I’m 27 and just moved to Cleveland ★ I loved playing on leagues with friends in Chicago ★ Will host the team over for celebratory drinks ★ Email me! / text 330-716-1721
Shaylee A. 21 / F Sand Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer, Softball
I’m a 21 year old female, tall and athletic! I would be interested in SVB, kickball, soccer and softball, but mainly SVB! Please call or text at (330) 441-0983.
Dave B. 63 / M Whiskey Island SVB
I am physically fit and interested in a six on six recreational league team that plays on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  E-mail address is: and phone number is:  614-937-8529.
Kyle R. 29 / M Football
I am looking to join a football league as a sub. Potentially for season long depending on my schedule. I am a team player but also very competitive. I am always available and I love to play. Text or email 440-665-3812
Mike V. 31 / M Kickball, Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Softball
I’m looking to join a few leagues in various sports. Played soccer my entire life and in college and played in Whiskey Island and Mulberry volleyball leagues. Team player, reliable and competitive. Also open to subbing if anyone needs one. Feel free to call/text 440-897-4938
First Name # / M-F Desired Sport or League
Leave a message and email/phone to contact.