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Edgewater Backyard Football League


*Two-Hand Touch – No Blocking*


8 players (at least 3 male + 3 female)

  • May play with 7 players (at least 3 male + 3 female)
  • May play with a minimum of 6 players (at least 2 male + 2 female)

Regular Season

  • Two 20-minute halves + 2-minute half-time
  • Overtime: Games with a tie score at the end of the game will be declared a tie



  • Single-Elimination Tournament, seeding based on regular season record
  • Overtime: Extra Point Shoot-out *see SCORING below*


  • $30 Officials Fee per Game. Pay directly to Official before starting the game.


  • NO METAL CLEATS ALLOWED – Rubber / Molded Cleats, Turf Shoes or Tennis Shoes
  • Each team may use their desired football on offense -or- Junior Size Football (Provided)



The Field

  • Standard dimensions of the field are 60 yards from goal-line to goal-line by 40 yards wide with 10-yard endzones.
  • Field shall be divided into 2 zones of 30 yards each. (Lines to gain: The offensive team has 4 plays to advance to the next line to gain.)


  • Teams must have the same color shirt, and have an alternative color (one dark / one light color). They do not have to be official uniforms. If both teams are wearing the same color, there will be a coin toss, and the losing team will need to change into a different color. Failure to operate under this rule will result in a forfeit.

Game Clock

  • Two 20-minute halves + 2-minute half time
  • Each team has three (3) 30-second timeouts PER GAME.
  • The play clock is 25 seconds, and starts when the official marks the ball ready for play.
  • Continuous clock. Clock will NOT stop during P.A.T. attempts, or change of possession.
  • The on-field captain / quarterback may request the amount of time left from the officials at any time.
  • A “stop-clock” will be in effect in the last two (2) minutes of the first and second half.

Starting the Game

  • Each team must turn in their $30 Officials Fee to start their game.
  • A Coin Toss determines 1st Team may choose to have offense, defense, defer or direction. Choice in the 2nd half will be go to the team that did not have a choice in the 1st.
  • The offensive team takes possession of the ball at their 5-yard line, and has 4 plays to advance to the next line to gain.




  • If the offense fails to reach the next line to gain in 4 plays, the ball will be turned over to the opposing team, and the drive will begin at the 5 yard line.
  • Any number of players may be on the L.O.S. at the snap. Defense must be one yard off the ball at snap.
  • Only one player is allowed to be in motion at the snap, and must be parallel or away from the L.O.S.
  • No direct snap may be taken. The snap must trave a minimum of 2 yards (backward or sideways).

Operative Player

  • To ensure coed participation, a penalty will ensue if the offensive team fails to use a female as an operative player within 3 consecutive downs. This applies to the full game.
  • An Operative Player is defined as a player who:
    • Is the intended receiver.
    • Runs the ball as the primary runner.
    • Receives the snap as the QB and must attempt to be the person who initiates the ball crossing the line of scrimmage.

No Blocking

  • Blocking is strictly prohibited by all players.
  • When downfield, or after an interception, players may only position themselves to receive a pitch/lateral from the ball carrier.


  • There can only be one forward pass per play.
  • The QB or other backfield players may run at any time.
  • There is no arm in motion, if the ball is in hand when the QB is touched, then it will be ruled a sack.
  • Interceptions may be returned.
  • If any part of the body is behind the L.O.S. it is a legal pass.



  • All players are eligible to receive a pass, including the QB, if the ball has been pitched or handed off in the backfield.
  • Players must have at least one foot in bounds when making a catch.


  • NO-RUN-ZONE (5-yards from line to gain)
    • If the ball is spotted within a no-run-zone, the offensive team must use a pass play to earn a first down or touchdown.
  • Teams may handoff, pitch or throwback in the backfield (unlimited).
  • Pitching (backwards/laterally) is allowed downfield (unlimited).
  • A forward pass DOES NOT have to cross the L.O.S. to be a legal play.
  • Ball is spotted where the ball is at the time of the touch.
  • Players may NOT block down field in any form.


Rushing the QB

  • 4-Second Count will be enforced by the official. Rusher may cross the L.O.S. after the 4-second count.
  • A rusher may not contact any receivers on their way to the backfield.
  • The defense may rush as many players as it wishes.

Pass Coverage

  • Contacting receivers is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Pass interference normally occurs above the waist; entangled feet are not considered pass interference.
  • A player may use their arms or hands to intentionally obstruct the receiver’s view (face guarding) of the ball without turning their own head to play the ball.
  • If defensive pass interference occurs in the end zone, the ball will be placed on the one yard line, first down.
  • Interceptions may be returned. The offense will take over at the spot.









·         6 points awarded for all-male participation

·         7 points awarded for female participation as the Operative Player

Point After Touchdown (PAT) ·         1 point awarded from the 2-yard line.

·         2 points awarded from the 7-yard line.

·         3 points awarded from the 15-yard line.

·         Interceptions returned on PAT’s are worth the same as above.




·         2 points


Point After Touchdown (PAT)

  • Following a touchdown, the scoring team must decide which conversion choice they want to attempt. Decision cannot be changed unless a team timeout is used.

Overtime Extra Point Shootout

  • A coin flip will determine first possession, 1 timeout per OT period.
  • Teams will go in reverse order if more than 1 OT is required.
  • Teams can elect to go for a 2-yard, 7-yard or a 15-yard conversion


Forfeit/Late Team Rule:

  • Teams will have 10-minutes after their scheduled game time to take the field, or will be declared a forfeit. Referee is free to extend forfeit time at their discretion.
  • If a team must forfeit their match, $60 will be deducted from the forfeit fee collected through registration.
  • A team may forfeit once during the season, a second forfeit will result in removal from the playoff bracket.
  • If your team needs to forfeit, please email in as far advance as possible.


Player Eligibility

  • Only the players on your roster prior to Playoffs are eligible to play in the tournament.
  • Players may be added at any time during the regular season.
  • Multiple Teams:
    • Regular Season – a player may compete on multiple teams in the same league.
    • Playoffs – a player may only compete on one (1) team in the same league night.

Player Code of Conduct / Ejection Policy

Harassment, fighting, taunting, excessive arguing or any other neglect of sportsmanship will NOT BE TOLERATED. Any player that is ejected from a game, for any reason, will automatically be suspended for the following league game, whether it be on that night, or the following week. Any ejected player will be asked to leave the property for the remainder of the game. Two ejections in one season will result in suspension for the remainder of the season and playoffs. Ejections will occur by using illegal equipment, fighting, taunting, running over runner/fielder, arguing with the official, harassment or other similar neglects of sportsmanship.


Any questions regarding leagues should be directed to the Football Officials, or the League Commissioner at